An Evolution of Rohingya Persecution in Myanmar: From Strategic Embrace to Genocide

Are religious doctrinal differences primarily responsible for stoking inter communal fear and hatred? What roles have state, sub – state, and transnational actors played in fomenting sectarian disc ord? And what could be done to avert sectarian violence, to foster tolerance and peaceful coexistence, and to promote reconciliation? The essays in this series tackle these and other salient questions pertaining to sectarianism in the MENA and Asia Pacific regions.

To read more report, please click ; From Strategic Embrace to Genocide 

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Report of OHCHR mission to Bangladesh  Interviews with Rohingyas fleeing from Myanmar since 9 October 2016

At the request of the High Commissioner, an OHCHR four-member team was granted access to Bangladesh from 8 to 23 January 2017 to interview Rohingyas who had entered Bangladesh from northern Rakhine State (nRS) in the aftermath of the 9 October 2016 attacks.

For more detail report, click here:UN : FLASH REPORT 

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Amnesty International is a global movement of more     than 7 million people who campaign for a world    where human rights are enjoyed by all.   Our vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights    enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights    and other international human rights standards.   We are independent of any government, political    ideology, economic interest or religion and are funded     mainly by our membership and public donations.

Please click here to read detail report :WE ARE AT BREAKING POINT 

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Burma: Rohingya Recount Killings, Rape, and Arson

Video Testimony Matches Satellite Images of Attacks

(New York) – The Burmese military has conducted a campaign of arson, killings, and rape against ethnic Rohingya that has threatened the lives of thousands more, Human Rights Watch said today. Refugees who fled the recent violence told Human Rights Watch that since the October 9, 2016 attacks by Rohingya militants on government border guard posts in northern Rakhine State, Burmese security forces have retaliated by inflicting horrific abuses on the Rohingya population.

To Read detail; Please click here: Burma: Rohingya Recount Killings, Rape, and Arson

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